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City Teaching Alliance (formerly Urban Teachers) is a comprehensive teacher development program focused on underserved urban classrooms. We prepare culturally responsive educators who improve educational outcomes and disrupt inequities. In partnership with American University, participants earn a Master's of Arts in Teaching with dual certification in special education and a content area. Our hands-on curriculum emphasizes literacy and math skills. We work with school districts in Baltimore, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Learn more:


Elementary School Teacher

May 2020 - May 2022 Baltimore, MD
β€œ-Coaching: they provide an opportunity for you to receive 1 on 1 support and feedback aimed to enhance your teaching skills. A coach is provided for the entire 4 year program. -Teaching Residency: the residency year is implemented to give you first-hand teaching with students before taking on your own classroom. During the year I was able to experience 2 different classroom styles. Thus I got a glimpse of different aspects as well as took away strategies for my own class. -Masters Degree: the program was tied to a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University and 2 certification programs (elementary ed and special ed)”

High School English Teacher

May 2020 Washington, DC
β€œThe coursework is rigorous and much of it is highly clinical and applicable to what we need to do in the classroom. We are placed in REAL schools doing the REAL work. The coaching program is a safeguard to make it more likely that, despite the dearth of resources for teachers in these environments, you're being developed professionally somewhere, whether that's at your school, through your coach, or both. Some of the faculty really cared about me and worked hard to make sure that I stayed in the program at those moments when I was really really struggling to keep up.”
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