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About City of Upper Arlington

The City of Upper Arlington is a premier, mostly residential community within the Columbus region. Our residents are friendly, welcoming, engaged, passionate and creative, with high expectations from their local government. Reflective of the educated, family-oriented community that we serve, the City is committed to exceptional, innovative service delivery. Our safety forces prioritize community engagement as much as they focus on saving lives and law enforcement. Our public works team builds and maintains infrastructure systems. Our parks and recreation professionals provide meaningful opportunities to gather, celebrate and enjoy our community’s many amenities. Across our organization, our team members explore and embrace new ways to enhance service delivery, while furthering our sustainability goals.
Our role is not to simply manage the routine functions of government, our role is to make Upper Arlington one of the best communities in the United States. As the primary steward of the community’s health and wellbeing, top priorities for the City include a combination of long-range planning, sustainability, economic development and fiscal accountability.
The City organization, its elected leaders and the community are committed to advancing Upper Arlington as a place that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive for all who choose to live or work here, as well as all visitors to our community. With the guidance of a Community Relations Committee, we are reviewing and updating our organizational policies, hiring practices and purchasing procedures to reflect this commitment.
With this commitment to creativity and engagement with the community, comes a need to attract the best employees from the widest set of backgrounds. For the City of Upper Arlington to reach its goals, we need a diverse workforce operating within an inclusive and supportive environment. We strive to be a workplace where every employee can make a positive difference in the lives of our residents and the visitors to our City.
Our organization adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and dedication to service. As a result, we seek team members of the highest caliber, and we offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package for successful candidates. The City of Upper Arlington is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
If you are looking for a diverse, fast-paced, creative and rewarding career path, we invite you to consider joining our team.


Safety Town Teaching Assistant

June 2019 - July 2019 Upper Arlington, OH
“The environment and the chance to work with young children”
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