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About City of Pittsburgh

The Department of Innovation & Performance (I&P), created in February 2014, reflects our team’s role in fostering a culture of accountability and innovation at levels and sectors of society. I&P aims to transform Pittsburgh into a world-class city through not only managing information systems and delivering technology, but by pursuing data-driven decision-making, creating sustainable solutions, and driving quality performance.

While technology is an important component to this, it is not the only end goal. There is no silver bullet, fancy platform, or expensive software that can magically transform the City. The City’s greatest asset is us, its people, and our commitment to collaboration and better serving the City government and its residents.

Beyond servicing the City and its departments and agencies internally with strategy and hardware, I&P has a wider external component. We work to better service all residents of Pittsburgh by closing the digital divide, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, improving access and application of information, and empowering neighborhoods, especially vulnerable communities. We want citizens to better utilize their resources and have the information to make better decisions and take action.


Economic Development Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
“My supervisors were amazing! Very supportive. ”


June 2017 Pittsburgh, PA
“I like the people I work with and it is also a very convenient location to get to. ”
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