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What kind of interview would I have for an engineering technician role in the city of Oxnard?

The interview was on the phone. They only asked a few questions about past experiences and where you would like to be placed (Water, Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Source Control, etc. They are all a part of the Engineering Technician position). Then they asked how soon I could start. The othe...
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Can anyone here tell me what it's like to be an engineering technician for the city of Oxnard?

Most days, working as an Engineering Technician for the Water department, I was helping build a database to track permits needed to keep the water treatment plant in compliance with environmental and safety regulations. Occasionally, I'd go out of the office and help with inspections or go to mee...
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What information is most helpful heading into an interview for a police officer position in the city of Oxnard?

In preparing for an interview at Oxnard PD, it is important to familiarize yourself with some basic facts about the city and department. Relevant knowledge about population size, city industries, and current events are worthwhile. In addition, be prepared to talk about the 7 Core Values of Oxnard...
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Is it possible that a history major can prepare somebody to take on the role of a police officer in a city such as Oxnard?

I earned a bachelor's degree in History prior to becoming a police officer. My ability to read and write at a high level helped me in writing criminal reports. In addition, history teaches that context and analysis are important. I was able to put things into context on patrol and analyze crime p...
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