City of Arcata

Seeking some input about preparing for an interview for a forestry technician position in the city of Arcata!

I was brand new to the Northern California, so I spent a couple weeks really divulging into research on the local ecology. I utilized websites such as iNaturalist and CalFlora to get caught up on the invasive species of the area. Moreover, I spent a few days walking around the worksite of the reg...
Interview Forestry Technician City of Arcata
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What are some typical daily tasks of a forestry technician within the city of Arcata?

Days start early, usually around 7am for the prep sessions and daily briefing. I’m expected to arrive with everything I'll need for the day: food, water, personal protective equipment, and appropriate clothing. I assist in loading the trucks with the needed tools based on the day and we’re off! M...
Day in the Life Forestry Technician City of Arcata
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