Citrine Informatics

Undergraduate Research Assistant

May - August 2018 • Madison, WI

What I liked

I can work with in a small group with the help from one adviser who did the research position last year and an experienced graduate student. This intimate working atmosphere urges a strong team work structure. I really had a brilliant experience with other fellows.

What I wish was different

As we are sponsored by Citrine Informatics, we had the chance to visit the headquarter of the company for two days on basic data skill training. However, I am also interested into the daily routine of the workers in the company so that I wish I could have asked more on how one day looks like in Cirtine and made friends with more staffs in the company.


Undergraduate researchers should be prepared, not only on knowledge level but also be mindful of your research goals and documentations. Since sometimes, you will encounter some unpredictable difficulties that force you to revise or even restart your research which is a stressful process. At that time, a well formed research record or documentation will help you re-plan.
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