Citizens' Association "Nesto Vise" (Nešto Više)

International Agricultural Assistant/Global Fellow

June - July 2019 • Mostar, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

What I liked

I loved working with many different people across the world on important issues surrounding agriculture and social equity. Throughout the internship, I also built close relationships with those that I was working with which was another one of my favorite aspects. It was an incredible learning experience that not only furthered my professional skills, interests, and career, but also contributed to personal growth.

What I wish was different

One barrier for me at this organization was that I did not speak the local language. While people on site spoke English relatively well, it was their second language which brought some communication problems. But, everyone was very patient with me and we worked out problems efficiently.


Soak it all in! The people in this organization are special - they treat you as if you are family. While the academic and job aspect of the internship was valuable, I will never forget the people and relationships I created during this summer.
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