Chuze Fitness

About Chuze Fitness

We currently have 19 locations throughout Southern California, Arizona and Colorado and are expanding rapidly with about 5 to 7 new locations per year. We’re a family owned business and really set ourselves apart with our “Less Attitude. More Fitness.” approach. The “Less Attitude” part of our culture means that we provide a welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere so everyone feels comfortable while working out. We also pride ourselves on being the cleanest gym in the world. The “More Fitness” part of our culture is about our commitment to getting you the results you came here for.



April 2021 - August 2021 Highlands Ranch, CO
“The team was super lively and fun! I got along with all the gym members as well. I felt like my training was thorough as well. It was super fun to get to engage in the gym outside of work too.”
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