About Chubbies

Chubbies is a lifestyle e-commerce brand based in San Francisco, California that produces clothing and content built for the weekend. Originally selling short shorts for men, the company has since expanded its offerings to include swim trunks, Hawaiian shirts and half-zip sweatshirts. In addition to clothing, Chubbies places a heavy emphasis on the creation of original content and boasts an active and dedicated social community of approximately 2.2 million “Chubsters.”


Store Associate

July 2018 Houston, TX
“I loved the flexibility of the job combined with my own personal attraction to the brand. I loved Chubbies products before working there, and it has been so fun to work there. ”


March 2019 Charleston, SC
“My favorite part about working at Chubbies is how much freedom, flexibility, and creative outlet I have, even without a managerial position. Although I am a sales associate, I am unofficially my store's visual merchandiser, which allows me to organize and arrange the store to be aesthetically pleasing and maximize sales. I also loved the work environment–it hardly felt like work at all! It was extremely laid-back, relaxed, and informal, which made working fun and enjoyable. ”
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