What is the best advice you can offer me to securing a return offer from my internship with Chubb?

Put in more work than is necessary for your role. It is important to act like you already are a full time employee with Chubb, take every little assignment and dive into it. The point of the internship is to teach you about the different aspects that go into underwriting insurance. I recommend si...
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What is your personal take on what it takes to succeed at Chubb?

Succeeding at Chubb is no different than succeeding at any other company. In an underwriting position, learn the contract. Read the contract and be very familiar with it. The contract (most people refer to it as a "policy") is the basis for coverages - how those coverages payout, and the key as t...
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If I were to apply for the Tax Analyst role with Chubb, does anyone have specific interview tips in regards to the technical questions I may be asked?

There are a few necessary requirements for the tax department and they are having prior experience preparing federal corporate returns and preparing corporate state returns. Chubb files returns in all 50 states so while it isn't necessary to be an expert in each state, it does help to know the b...
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What do Senior Tax Analysts make working at Chubb?

Depending on how many years experience, you can negotiate on the salary and vacation time. I would say that for this role they should be looking at the high 60's up through the high 70's.
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When it comes to questions not to ask a company, how does that fare with Chubb?

Don't ask about the salary or the vacation time. Chubb does a good job with providing perks and has a great work/life balance schedule. I would talk about the environment and workload. I would also talk about the different aspects of the tax department and what the different subgroups are and ...
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