Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission

About Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission

The CCRPC is the transportation and land use planning agency for Chittenden County, Vermont. As the municipally developed and State designated regional planning commission and metropolitan planning organization (federally required) for the region, CCRPC has the responsibility to develop and adopt a variety of plans and the transportation improvement program. These plans provide the basis for state and federal investments in our region and provide guidance on public policy as appropriate.


Technical Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Winooski, VT
“The workplace was a very positive office environment for my first internship. 3 office dogs, a flexible beginning and end to the workday, and spent the majority of the time out of the office made this job a good place to work! I got experience collecting traffic data, doing infrastructure condition measurements, and better than that, I got to travel Chittenden County! In the office, I got experience with Microsoft Excel and SharePoint, ArcGIS Pro, Jamar STARnext and PetraPro. Also got exposure to Transportation Engineers which helped me to think more about my career path.”
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