Children's Wisconsin

Spanish Interpreter Intern

July - October 2019 • Milwaukee, WI

What I liked

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the hospital and Language Services Office in which I would be surrounded. Every employee is set out to achieve the goals and values that the hospital was built on for their patients. I received a lot of support and advice from the other interpreters, who only wanted to see me succeed and hopefully join them once I graduated.

What I wish was different

My time there was separated within at least 5 clinics in which I would interpret. However, I mostly spent time in 2 of the clinics. I wish that I would have been able to experience all of the clinics a little more equally so I could improve in all of the different clinics.


A piece of advice would be to take advantage of the employees that have recently entered as much as those who have been there for a while. They can share their fresh experience on how they have been getting used to the organization, the medical terminology, and the tricks they've used for memorization. In general though, for any internship or work experience, I would recommend to take the time to come in a little early to prepare for whatever it is you'll be doing and to get to know those around you.
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