Child Guidance Resource Centers

About Child Guidance Resource Centers

Child Guidance Resource Centers is a private, non-profit community behavioral healthcare organization. We are dedicated to providing quality care and educational services that assess, treat, and empower children, adolescents, and families with behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities, or residential needs in the Delaware Valley. With 63 years of service, Child Guidance is committed to creating and sustaining healthy, secure communities through highly qualified clinical services. Our work advocates for, and maintains the health and well-being of the clients we serve. Vital to this commitment is an outstanding clinical and support staff that provides services of unparalleled value.



June 2022 - August 2022 Philadelphia, PA
“The experience with the children changed my life. It completely changed my perspective on those who experience Autism and the way that we should approach them in terms of education. Everyone I had talked to was so friendly and were happily willing to share their story leading up to working at the Child Guidance Resource Center. I learned so much about the different avenues in the field of psychology because of them and it honestly reinvigorated my motivation in pursuing this field.”
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