Chick-fil-A Roseville

Event Coordinating and Community Relations Intern

May 2020 • Roseville, MN

What I liked

The community is amazing. Everyone wants to help you grow and develop into a better leader both professionally and personally. The hours are very flexible and the people, in general, are very flexible and accommodating.

What I wish was different

I wish there was more structure within the role. I had a lot of agency over myself which was really cool in some ways, but sometimes felt limiting since I was new to the role. If there was a paved road, I think I would have a had a bit more direction and been able to accomplish more things. However, I also really liked that it was a new position because it was a cool opportunity to pave the road myself.


This position is extremely beneficial to have and can open the door to further employment opportunities within Chick-fil-A or other businesses. The skills that the leaders help you develop are critical for the business world. There is a strong sense of trust between my operator and his employees. If you use this to your advantage, you will be able to gain a lot out of this experience. This is not a "go get me coffee" kind of internship. You will be doing a lot and are treated as one of the leadership team members.
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