Chicago Bulls

Community Relations

September 2018 - August 2019 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

Working for the Chicago Bulls was an experience like none other for an undergraduate college student! There were many things that I enjoyed and learned from this experience. To begin, I was able to work closely with player and team staff to coordinate and lead autograph signings that were donated to young fans around the city. I participated in the season of giving which included a Christmas event that involved players giving gifts to children apart of the Chicago Housing Authority. Even during the summer time, I was busy. I helped coordinate basketball clinics for programs such as Becoming a Man (BAM) and I gave tours of the United Center to high school students. The parts that I loved about working for the Chicago Bulls was the access to games and facilities that I have always dreamed of being apart of my whole life. Not to mention, we were able to see to a White Sox game in a club box with food and an extensive dessert cart provided. Oh yeah, I never had to work on an empty stomach because they provided a lunch buffet every single work day! Overall, it was an amazing and insightful experience and I am looking forward to going back to working in the sports industry in the near future.

What I wish was different

If I had to change anything or if/when I return to the Bulls, I would love to work in basketball relations and more in the front office. Even though, working for the organization you are still considered to be apart of the family, I would just love to have a bigger role next time around and have more of an impact on player development and perhaps even go on the road with the team from time to time, and make more money of course.


One piece of advice that I would share about my experience would be, whatever industry or organization you want to work for, find some way to get your foot in the door. Whether it is volunteering for them, or working a "bottom of the barrel" position, if you are in the environment you could always work your way up. Different than me, a lot of my co-workers began working for the bulls as 50/50 raffle ticket sellers. Although, through their hard work, dedication, and networking skills they caught the attention of supervisors in different departments when help was needed the most. All in all, it is not how you start but how you finish!
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