Lead Communications Marketing Intern

May - August 2019 • San Mateo, CA

What I liked

This is a startup environment; a lot of my work that I had the opportunity to engage with were immediate changes that were made to the company – meaning, anything I did related to marketing/comm showed up immediately on their social media, website, etc. My contributions were significant and I was able to see my individual work positively influence where I was working at.

What I wish was different

I wish that there had been more female representation in the workspace – now, this was in Silicon Valley, and of all places, a startup, thus it's harder to find females. However, near the end of my internship, they were able to hire two full-time female workers, and the environment felt much more comfortable.


I think it's awesome to start at a startup in the beginning of your undergrad experience; you get more tangible and hands-on, impactful work because it is a smaller company. If the startup scene isn't for you, then of course, moving onto a bigger company is a reliable option. However, once you start at a larger company (with more cushioned benefits and stable day-to-day work lifestyle), it's harder to motivate yourself to go work at a smaller startup.
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