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About Charm Industrial

Our mission is to reverse climate change and return the atmosphere to 280 ppm CO2. To pursue this challenge, we convert waste biomass into carbon-rich bio-oil and inject into permanent, underground storage wells as a form of carbon removal, or reform it to produce green hydrogen and syngas for industrial processes like steel, cement, and chemicals manufacturing.

Last year, our carbon removal technology gained traction with partners like Stripe, Shopify & Microsoft, and we deployed our first mobile demonstration pyrolysis plant. In the next 18 months, we will build and deploy the next revision of our pyrolysis plant, perform a pilot demonstration of our green syngas technology with a steel plant, substantially expand our commercial operations in the Midwest and put more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2e underground.

To help achieve our mission we're looking to expand our team of creative and hands-on engineers, fabricators, operators, and forward-thinking humans. Come help us make our bold plans come to life!

About Your Team:
You’ll be joining a small team of kind people who value psychological safety and collaboration, and who keep an open mind when teammates voice ideas or concerns. We take calculated risks, and don’t sweep mistakes under the rug; instead, we pin them to the wall and learn from them. Furthermore, we value that everyone’s unique backgrounds and perspectives shape our work.

We strive for sustainability both in the natural environment and in the workplace; we know rest and work-life balance is important for productivity and health! That said, the urgency of the climate crisis is upon us, and we don't have time to waste.

We hope you will join us on our quest to collectively improve our planet, our company, and ourselves.


Electrical Engineering Intern

July 2022 - September 2022 San Francisco, CA
“Supportive work environment that makes sure you feel welcome as anyone joining the team and makes sure you get the most from work. Lunch is covered and there is always an emphasis on community and work life balance. Snacks available too!”
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