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About Central Plateau Cleanup Company

Central Plateau Cleanup Company (CPCCo) brings the depth and breadth of three leading nuclear industry companies — Amentum, Fluor, and Atkins — making it the single largest and most experienced nuclear End-State delivery team assembled for the Central Plateau Cleanup Contract (CPCC). Within our 179 years of combined nuclear experience, including 63 years at Hanford, we have decommissioned 1,179 facilities and dispositioned more waste than any other U.S. company.


•“Off the River in 5” – Completing River Corridor
•“10 in 5” – Completing the Outer Area in five years
•Inner Area Risk Reduction
•PFP Area – Done. Done.
•Accelerated Waste Dispositioning

CPCCo will instill a closure mindset and deliver headline-worthy changes throughout the contract, beginning with gaining DOEand regulator alignment on the ultimate vision, refocusing the site culture with a bias toward action, transforming the skyline, reducing site risk and liability, and shrinking overall lifecycle costs and schedule. Our Hanford vision looks beyond this 10-year contract to an integrated site lifecycle approach that safely achieves meaningful near-term goals and reduces risk, while accelerating the overall remediation schedule and minimizing lifecycle costs.

Underpinning this vision and a critical element of our management approach is the Plateau Risk Elimination Program (PREP), our dynamic modeling system proven both in DOE at Idaho and globally at Sellafield. PREP was fine-tuned for Hanford to time-phase activities and will continue optimizing the schedule during execution. Our vision, supported by the PREP model, shows what is achievable within the contract period. We will partner with DOE to finalize an accelerated cleanup plan, reduce long-term liability, and make the Master IDIQ contract a vehicle for success. CPCCo is the perfect partner for this mission, bringing eminently qualified key personnel and lessons learned from 179 years of experience across the DOE complex and industry.


Environmental Intern

October 2018 Richland, WA
“It was great to learn more about what happens at Hanford, I've lived in the area and never knew it was mostly environmental clean up. Many of the people were kind, helpful, and really invested in helping interns learn as much as they can in the time they are there. ”
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