Central Coast Care Services

About Central Coast Care Services

Central Coast Care Services is a Supported Living Agency providing person centered supported living to adults with developmental disabilities. Central Coast Care strives to empower and teach the skills necessary for the individuals we support to actualize their goals and live their dreams.

Central Coast Care Services strives to foster, teach and maintain the
necessary independent living skills and ensure health and safety for all individuals in their
supported living program.

CCCS will aim to provide opportunities to build natural supports and create a fulfilling life
that the individual prefers using person-centered practices in programming and planning

The ultimate goal is to empower an individual to have a life where they are
engaged and expressive of their preferences and needs and can contribute their gifts
and talents to their own life, relationships and community.


Direct Support Professional

November 2020 - March 2023 Goleta, CA
“Working at CCCS was a positive and memorable experience! I enjoyed getting to know the clients and employers and felt that they cared about the well-being of everyone involved. The employers were always supportive, communicative, and just a text away. This was especially helpful whenever I had new clients and was unsure about how to approach situations and client care. As I was a student while working at CCCS, I’m super grateful to have found such an accommodating company. They were student friendly and took the time to accommodate my quarterly class schedules. As a premed student, this job helped me gain confidence in working with clients directly and cultivate my bedside manner. Overall I’ve had a great experience working with CCCS!”

Direct Support Professional

June 2020 - May 2022 Santa Barbara, CA
“I really enjoyed my time at Central Coast Care Services. It is very apparent that the owners of the program care for both the clients and their employees. The employers were very understanding of my schedule and boundaries as a young female student. As an employee, they made me feel like I was valued and that my voice and opinions were important. The employers did a great job of matching you with clients that fit your schedule and personality the best, making the shift even more enjoyable. Additionally, there was constant open communication between me, the employers, and other employees to ensure the best care for each client. I am fortunate to have had this experience in college. This job reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in the healthcare field, and I would highly recommend applying if you also have aspirations in the healthcare field. I built first-hand relationships with each client and understand how different care techniques apply to different individuals. While there are clear expectations of this job, you are the only staff on shift which teaches a lot of independence and how to take initiative. ”
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