Center for Gender & Refugee Studies

Communications and Development Intern

June - August 2018 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

CGRS is a small non-profit, so interns get to know the attorneys and directors rather well. The weekly lunches and social gatherings hosted by CGRS gave me multiple opportunities to meet attorneys and learn about their various backgrounds that led them to a profession at a legal non-profit. Additionally, the work that CGRS does --strategic litigation for immigration cases-- is incredibly rewarding.

What I wish was different

I thought that as the Communications and Development Intern, I would be conducting equal parts communications work and policy research. However, my first couple weeks were mostly centered on organizing media lists and researching grant-funding organizations and reporters. It wasn't until my third week that I started conducting research on asylum applications and judges' case decisions, and it wasn't until my fourth week that I received the opportunity to be an interpreter for an asylum case. While I recognize the importance of effective communications work in non-profit work, I have realized that my true interest lies in analyzing cases and working with clients.


Communication is key! There were definitely times when I had multiple projects, and speaking with my supervisor about which projects I should prioritize was helpful.
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