Center for FaithJustice

About Center for FaithJustice

The Center for FaithJustice (CFJ) offers two volunteer programs for young adults: LeaderworX is a summer of service for 19 - 25 year olds, and the FaithJustice Fellowship is a full year of service for post grads, those taking gap years, or those in career changes. Both involve living in community, working with youth, gaining leadership skills, working with non-profit organizations, and advocating for justice. CFJ inspires the next generation of leaders! Named for the biblical passage that inspired them “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26), our WorX programs instill in young people a deep understanding of the values of social justice through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. Our alumni have gone on to become impressive servant leaders in many diverse fields ranging from international aid to corporate America.


LeaderworX Participant

June 2019 - July 2019 Lawrence Township, NJ
“I liked how it was an opportunity to do service, grow in faith, and learn about social justice. The employees are kind and are dedicated to ensuring each participant has personal growth throughout the summer.”

Service Leader

June 2019 - August 2019 Lawrence Township, NJ
“Amazing group of people, every day had a new surprise/challenge. Boredom was never an option. I really got to grow in my leadership capabilities, and developed a greater understanding of what I want to pursue in a career.”
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