Center for Community Energy

About Center for Community Energy

The Center for Community Energy is dedicated to helping communities and rate payers by facilitating the transformation to community owned, local energy production, procurement, and transmission. CCE is doing this through research, education, technical advisory, and consulting.

Climate change presents us with a unique set of challenges. The first is the speed of change required to transform our economy from one based on fossil fuels to one powered by renewables. This change demands that we are not only dedicated to this transformation, but also that we are informed about the best and most efficient ways to achieve these goals as fast as possible.

For more than 100 years, electricity was delivered in a one-way flow from large generators via the grid to consumers. Monopolies were once the natural means of operating such a system. Now, however, breakthroughs in renewable generation, batteries, and control systems have made it possible for communities to take control of their energy needs and achieve the environmental, employment, financial, and resiliency benefits that flow from local management and control.


Engineering Analyst

June 2021 - September 2021 San Diego, CA
“What I liked the most was that I was treated as an important part of the team. Not only did I earn engineering, financial and analytical skills, but I also learned how to work in a 24/7 interactive team and to pitch presentations.”
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