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Describe the interview process for most admissions counselor positions at Cedarville University!

This is the admissions process: Online application screening, phone interview, main interview. The main interview consists of: Interview with the Director, writing portion, presentation and interview with the Associate Director. The writing portion: covering a typical email we get and how you wou...
Interview Education Admissions Counselor Cedarville University
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Describe working at Cedarville University as an admissions counselor!

We have different 'seasons' here. In fall, counselors are out traveling all across the US visiting schools and going to college fairs. In the spring, you are making a lot of calls to talk about student's financial aid packages.The typical day is: Checking in families CU presentation tours one on ...
Day in the Life Education Admissions Counselor Cedarville University
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Company culture is really important to me! What is it like at Cedarville University?

This is the thing I love most about being in admissions. Some days are stressful, but it is never because of my bosses or coworkers. We have a fun, positive culture. Our team meetings is probably the thing I look forward to the most.My bosses appreciate me and recognize the hard work I put into m...
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