Cedar Mill Bible Church

About Cedar Mill Bible Church

Our Mission:

Becoming like Jesus and making Him known.

This is our anchor, our identity, and our ultimate aim. Everything we do comes from this place and is for this purpose. God draws us into relationship with Him to make us more like His Son, and make Him known through us.

Our Vision:

A grace-fueled community marked by growing faith, radical love, and relevant hope.

A Grace Fueled Community
Grace is the fuel we burn; it drives us, it provides the motivation, the power, and the ability to become like Jesus and make Him known. We don't earn, deserve, or strive for approval, acceptance, or success. Grace makes us what we are in Christ and sustains us as we live in the sphere of His love.

Growing Faith
Faith is the foundation of a relationship with God. It means taking Him at His word and ordering life around what He says. It means living a life saturated by Jesus, intentionally making space to connect with Him so that we can become people who trust Him in each dimension of life.

Radical Love
Jesus says His followers will be known by their love. Love involves making space for others and selflessly acting for their good. We want to love others the same way Jesus loves us. Radical love goes beyond the borders of what is safe, convenient, and comfortable and it steps out into actions that are generous, hospitable, and sacrificial.

Relevant Hope
There is no hope more relevant than the Gospel; the good news that God has come to make things right again. We want to be faithful to the message of good news for the whole world, living in ways that put a bright spotlight on the hope we have in Jesus. We seek to make hope accessible through intentionally sharing the kingdom, in what we say and do, in every place God sends us.


Church Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Beaverton, OR
“The flexibility of the job. I also loved that the job was working in a Christian environment and getting to see the logistical side of the church. ”
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