Cedar Breaks Deer Ranch

About Cedar Breaks Deer Ranch

Cedar Breaks Ranch is located north of Midland, SD on roughly a 10,000 acre ranch. Bottle feeding mule deer fawns is a hands-on job. Feeding them can be difficult at first but, once we are able to get them on the bottle it becomes a lot of fun. A daily obstacle is identifying sick fawns and maintaining overall health of the herd. Each new born fawn receives a boost of vitamins and other shots. However, you must be able to identify sick fawn(s). This is key for the individual that is hired, because death does occur but identifying illness early on can prevent any further health issues. Once illness is identified, treatment is given/established and logged in medical history of fawn. Some of the daily duties are listed below. Breeding and raising mule deer. Managing lineage and genetics of mule deer to maximize antler production.


Mule Deer Fawn Health Technician

May 2021 - August 2021 Midland, SD
“I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn more about the mule deer industry. My internship at Cedar Breaks Deer Ranch offered an extensive look inside the mule deer industry's standards and top of the line genetics. ”
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