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About Cause Inspired Media

Cause Inspired is an organization of like-minded individuals who believe that nonprofits are the catalyst to a better world for all.
In order to have a measurable impact, these organizations need to ensure that they are able to scale their missions, which requires significant resources.

We envision a world where nonprofits are given the resources and patience to enact real and meaningful change.

Nonprofits should be rewarded for their ability to attract top talent to their organization and develop multi-year plans that can scale to solve large problems; they should be given the proper amount of capital and time to see these visions come to fruition.

We know that the way we, as a society, need to change how we view and understand the value, mission, and impact of nonprofits.

Cause Inspired works with over 500 organizations across the globe to ensure that they have all the necessary resources afforded to the for-profit sector, at their disposal. We actively manage a total of $90 million+ in advertising for nonprofits.

We are able to help these organizations, using tools such as digital advertising, connect people to purpose.


Digital Marketing Intern

January 2019 - April 2019 St. Augustine, FL
“I loved that I got to learn in the field and use a lot of the skills from my marketing classes in the real world. I also earned two Google Search certifications that are hugely beneficial to my resume. I learned how to work with different type of clients and how to adapt to their needs. ”
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