Catalyst Residential Treatment Center, LLC

About Catalyst Residential Treatment Center, LLC

Residential treatment center and academic boarding school. Housing 50 + boys from the ages of 14-18. Students participate in group & family, and recreational therapy. Our academic program gives students the opportunity to catch up in schooling.



September 2016 - May 2020 Brigham City, UT
“Amazing job. I was there for 4 years for a reason. The boys are usually amazing, there are definitely hard things and hard days within this job. I would have to say that I absolutely loved this job 85% of the time. There was that 15% of the time where the boys were awful...but that always ends eventually. The best thing about those bad times are that you have an amazing staff around you. The therapists that work there are always open to talk if you have concerns or if you just need to vent because the boys suck sometimes. The new program manager is amazing. She really does a great job organizing and running the place. When you fully invest yourself into this job it can honestly change your life as you are changing boys' lives around you. I loved it here. I highly recommend this job to any college student at Weber State or Utah State. I know the job is in Brigham City but please don't be intimidated. The drive really isn't that bad and almost all of your co-workers are willing to car pool. ”


October 2018 Brigham City, UT
“The applicability to my major in psychology was huge for me, my coworkers are amazing people and so much fun to work with, the shifts are 8 hour shifts which make driving to Brigham City worth it and also meant that the paychecks are much better, it is so much fun working with boys who have addiction issues and helping them progress in their therapy as well as participating in the activities they like to do. Overall an amazing experience with tons of application to my major and it looks better on a resume than taco bell!”
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