Catalyst Miami

File Clerk Intern

July - August 2019 • Homestead, FL

What I liked

Interning at Catalyst Miami was a true blessing and a great experience. I met new people and I even met a Social Worker. The work atmosphere was very calm and humble. My supervisor was very welcoming and helped me with anything that I needed. Even when I had the most questions over and over again. I was also given the opportunity to give a speech to a group of strangers. That was a cool experience. I learned a lot from interning at Catalyst Miami. It helped expand my mind on the community that surrounds me

What I wish was different

Maybe more outside experiences. Like fundraisers, since Catalyst Miami is a non-profit organization. But I still had a great time at Catalyst Miami.


You have to start off small, to get to the even bigger places you want to go. It just takes time.
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