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About Casaba Security, LLC

Casaba Security is a world-class application security penetration testing company out of Seattle, WA and Singapore. Our clients are among the most recognized brand names in the world. They make the services and applications used by millions and billions of people every day, and they trust us to find their vulnerabilities and exploit them. We have a remote work environment and culture of a tightly knit team who share knowledge and collaboratively hack, test, and review security of some of the most sophisticated technologies in existence.

We are always looking for anyone from the recent graduate to the experienced programmer. But, we aren't just looking for tech people. We're looking for people who are hungry for knowledge and constantly thinking about security - how software and systems can fail and how they can be improved. Our lives revolve around code. Anyone wishing to work in this field should know how to write code, whether it's scripting, writing native apps, or building Web applications you must have some technical chops. Beyond that, a passion for security and digital privacy are key. This isn't a normal job. The tasks aren't always clearly defined, and the requirements aren't always known. A passion for this type of work will feed the creative process, something which you must possess in order to think and act like a focused attacker or defender. Our clients depend on us to find the problems that nobody else thought of, and we rely on each other working either individually or as a team, to do the same.


Security Consultant

January 2020 Seattle, WA
“I love the opportunity to work with security researchers with a vast amount of knowledge. Things are always changing in the cybersecurity space and it's exciting to stay up to date and think of new and different attack vectors. Casaba Security is always encouraging diving into new and exciting areas. Working with a large variety of clients gives significant exposure to different tech stacks and proprietary tech. Everyone that I work with is always willing to help out and there is a huge amount of employee support by Casaba.”

Cybersecurity Consultant

May 2020 Seattle, WA
“As a current employee, I enjoy the challenging work environment. Each project involves different programming languages, protocols, and designs, which means that I am constantly learning new things. The teams that I have been part of were supportive of my ideas, eager to help, and overall a great group of people to work with. If you are passionate about security then I highly recommend applying for a job at Casaba Security. ”
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