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About Carson Physical Therapy

Taken from our website....

“Carson Physical Therapy is “Your Friendly Neighborhood Physical Therapist” and takes pride in being Central Arkansas’s premier physical therapy clinic. We are very excited to be in our 15th year now! We specialize in the treatment of pre-, post-, and non-surgical orthopedic dysfunction and sports injuries.
We commonly receive referrals from over 20 different local orthopedic surgeons. We are also the clinic that local doctors and nurses send their own families to for treatment.
Our clinic works with evidence-based practice parameters to help our clients get better. Research shows that manual physical therapy in combination with exercises of stretching & strengthening is what gets clients better. We use modalities as needed, but we don’t rely on them to get our clients better.
So if you’ve got an injury from football, basketball, cheerleading, fishing, walking the dog, unloading the groceries, or just…life…the therapists and staff at Carson Physical Therapy will do their best to help you.“

We’re a fun group, different, laid back group.


Physical Therapy Volunteer

April 2019 - May 2019 Bryant, AR
“What I liked most about volunteering with Carson Physical Therapy were the people. All of the therapists and therapist assistants were exteremly kind and quick to offer advice. When it came time for me to apply for a PTA program, they gave me amazing advice on how to pass the TEAS test and even offered to give me their study book. ”
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