Carlos Curbelo for Congress

Congressional Intern

June - August 2017 • Miami, FL

What I liked

I liked that I learned so much about my community and saw much of behind the scenes work that goes into being a district representative which was eye-opening! I liked speaking with constituents and it felt nice to be able to help people in any way that I could. The part I enjoyed most was being sent out to events such as conventions or school graduations to assist the Congressman.

What I wish was different

Of course, being paid would have been nice, given that I had to drive and get myself lunch every day. Although I didn't mind it, I felt I was learning and growing so much as an individual which was rewarding enough. It's an experience I'll always thank myself for doing.


Make an effort to get close to the staff. If you show you work hard and they see they can trust you, that's how you get invited to do more work on the field which is really fun. You get amazing exposure to so many useful resources that help you learn more and grow your network. Luckily I worked with a great staff, and I still speak to them from time to time!
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