Caregiver/Attendant for Special Needs w/CLASS Medicaid program

About Caregiver/Attendant for Special Needs w/CLASS Medicaid program

The job description varies per person and need, but our daughter is the only one who I (Lisa Gamez, mother) hire for and who you will be working with. You must speak directly to CLASS if you're interested in working with more than one person at a time. Our daughter doesn't have any health issues or medication that requires nursing care, therefore, students are great candidates for her. CLASS (Community Living Assistance & Support Services) is a Medicaid Waiver Program in the state of Texas. Through this program, as parents, we are allowed to hire and fire our own attendants for our 25 y/o daughter with special needs (Cerebral palsy). CLASS revises forms, performs credit checks and provides the salary to our employees.



May 2015 - August 2017 San Marcos, TX
“I loved working with Morgan! The summer before college and a couple summers after that, I spent my weekdays with Morgan and the family helping Morgan go about her day. Responsibilities included morning routines, educational activities, games, mealtimes, exercise, etc. Morgan has a great network of physical and speech therapists and working with her included a chance to learn a bit about what they do to help Morgan as well. The best part is really feeling like you are a part of the Gamez family and it’s such a treasure to work with Morgan because of her spunk and liveliness - she’s a funny lady for sure, and working with her is so fun and rewarding. ”


February 2015 San Marcos, TX
“Lisa is a wonderful employer and Morgan is a wonderful lady! I could never have a bad day with Morgan's contagiously bubbly personality, she makes coming to work so fun. There's so many things she can do despite her disability and I'm happy to be able to help! Loving home and family, really makes you feel like you're part of the family and not just paid help for their daughter. Good pay and flexible hours, perfect for a part-time job during school or something to do during the summer - there's lots of trips out of the house and swimming days during the summer!”
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