Carbonite, Inc

Accounting Intern

July - August 2019 • Boston, MA

What I liked

Great team. It was a good exposure to how accounting works within a company. We are constantly told what public accounting is and how the experience in Public Accounting will help your career. So doing this internship was eye-opening. There is another world outside of Public Accounting.

What I wish was different

I wish the internship was longer. 2 months is not enough time to learn. If I was doing a co-op there, I would have learned so much more. 2-month internship helps me get an overview of how the systems work. 6-month co-op would have helped me go deeper.


Co-Ops are better than the internship because you will learn more by working for 6 months and will build some valuable connections along the way. I would highly recommend the students to get an exposure to the accounting within the company. When the students go out in the public accounting world, they would have to deal with the higher management of a company. If they know how the systems work inside the company, they would be better off handling the client relations.
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