Camp Tapawingo

About Camp Tapawingo

Camp Tapawingo is an all girls sleepaway camp. Founded in 1919 by three women, our camp has remained mission focussed on growing the confidence and independence of each camper. Our campers spend each day in instructional activities where they learn to play tennis, sail a boat, play basketball, throw on a pottery wheel, hike a mountain, horseback ride and so much more. They then spend each evening together as a camp watching an age group's theatre production, singing at a campfire, or enjoying a goofy all-camp activity staff put together. As a staff member, you will help campers to grow in their confidence while developing friendships with other staff members from all over the world.


Landsports + Senior Bunk Counselor

June 2021 - August 2021 Sweden, ME
“Tapawingo has a strong community that makes you feel at home no matter how far from home you are. Camp Tap is a positive work environment. While here you'll receive progress reports throughout the summer with an evaluation of your performance. The staff is friendly and willing to assist you in whatever capacity necessary. Meg the Landsports Head is the most caring and energetic person you'll ever meet. This experience taught me how to roll with the punches, while improving my delegation and teamwork skills. Through my coaching internship I had the opportunity to coach/teach kids in multiple sports through competitions and practices. I was also given the freedom to create and execute an internship project where I put on the first ever "Tap Olympics." If you're looking for an opportunity to make an impact on children, be in a setting that is one with nature, to work with the most genuine and compassionate people, and have an experience you will never forget, Camp Tapawingo is the place for you.”

Bunk counselor and swim instructor

June 2021 - August 2021 Sweden, ME
“I loved how open and accepting everyone at camp was. There was always somebody willing to help you out or a shoulder to lean on if you needed. The people at this camp is really what makes it so great.”
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