Camp Shalom

About Camp Shalom

The youth and families that enjoy Camp Shalom come from a variety of denominations, but they come together to explore what it means to be one in Christ.

Campers often do this without realizing it. They seem too busy having fun. Then you see their eyes at a campfire or hear them share their thoughts during a Bible study and realize they are discovering the depth of their faith.

When you pass through the entrance of Camp Shalom it’s as though you have entered a new world. The flatness of the prairie is lost in the twisting and turning of the camp road, you quickly find yourself surrounded by tall trees and rolling hills. It is a place of peace where the cares of the world melt away. The land itself invites the heart to explore something different in Christ.



May 2019 - August 2019 Maquoketa, IA
“As a counselor, I got to work with all different age groups ranging from second grade to senior year of high school. I enjoyed getting to interact with children of different ages because, as a future teacher, it's important for me to find what age group I work well with. I also enjoyed being able to lead the campers in group/team building activities. ”
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