Camp Matoaka

About Camp Matoaka

Camp Matoaka is a premier girls’ overnight camp on a beautiful lake in Maine. Campers range in age from 7-15 and come from across the country. Every summer, Camp Matoaka brings together a team of mature, fun, spirited, energetic, and dedicated staff to provide our campers with unforgettable summers!

One of the mantras at camp is that it is not our similarities that define who we are, but our differences. This is why our focus each summer is on community. Each staff member we hire brings a different and unique perspective to camp and to our Matoaka family. It is that special and distinctive quality which only you possess that makes Matoaka – One Great Place.

We clearly want our campers to shine throughout the summer and to have those moments of pure joy and happiness, and meaningful connection. But to be honest, we want those moments for all our staff as well. Because it is important for all us to find those moments of happiness and connection, and to be supported with encouragement and understanding. This is why Camp Matoaka focuses on building an inclusive environment. Our goal is to create a place where both campers and our staff can grow and learn from each other to find their best self.

From the moment our campers were driven down the dirt road in 1951 and laid their eyes on the pink cabins they have affectionately referred to their experience as ‘Matoaka Magic’, and that feeling never leaves you.

Isn’t it about time to experience some magic yourself? We promise you one thing, a summer at Matoaka will be unlike anything you’ve ever imagined!

Our staff are paid well and benefits include: room & board, uniform, internship credit and travel allowance.


Bunk Counselor

June 2019 Smithfield, ME
“The environment was so welcoming, inclusive, and loving. Even while being away from where I can call home, Matoaka became a place that I consider my second home! ”

Camp Counselor

June 2019 - August 2019 Smithfield, ME
“I met a lot of cool people from all over the world, and I was able to check out Maine.”
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