Camp Berea, Inc

Program Team Audio / Visual

June - August 2019 • Hebron, NH

What I liked

I loved my co-workers and the leadership team above me. The environment was bolstering and growing, encouraging both workers and campers alike to grow in their faith throughout the summer. It was also incredible to see change in the lives of individuals in both of these categories as the summer progressed. I walked away not only having a better knowledge of my craft, but also a better knowledge of how to serve God's Kingdom and walk alongside individuals from many walks of life.

What I wish was different

I wish that my team and I could have prepared the photography schedule during the introduction week.


Balance, balance, balance. If you are like me and tend to air on the side of perfectionistic, be conscious of how much time you spend each day working verses taking much-needed time off. As my boss pointed out to me, sometimes the last 10% of the project can take the longest, and though it can be hard to hand over a project as finished when you know there was more that could be done, doing so can ensure that you do better work (and avoid burnout) as the summer progresses. Additionally, don't forget to take time to care for and be in fellowship with your co-workers.
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