Camp Akita

Camp Counselor

June - August 2021 • Logan, OH

What I liked

I really loved how welcoming and inclusive the counseling and leadership staff were. This was my first time period at Camp Akita, so going into the job I was understandably a nervous wreck, but I quickly fell into a rhythm and developed meaningful bonds within the first week.

What I wish was different

I do wish the leadership staff was a little more transparent with the counselors. There were times when there was noticeable tension within the whole group, though nothing was said. Overall, things (communication, support, feedback, relatability) were great, but these few instances were certainly stressful for us counselors.


The job/employer may not seem up your ally (and certainly if you hate the outdoors or something of the like, it wouldn't be!), but it really is ultimately what you make of it. I decided to go in with the mindset that sense I'd be spending basically the whole summer at Camp Akita, I was going to form a big new friend group with all the other counselors (whom I'd never met before). At the end of the summer, this was absolutely a reality, and I was super happy with that as well as how the summer went overall. Whether you're thinking about applying to this position or a totally different one, give it a shot! You never know what might happen.
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