Camp Adventure

Camp Counselor

June - September 2019 • Regen, Bavaria

What I liked

I enjoyed the staff. You get people all over the world working together at a small camp. You get really close and are able to share ideas and problems together. The challenge of also being in an environment where German is also spoken is exciting. I personally don't know German, but after working here for a few months I was able to pick up enough to communicate with kids whose English was limited.

What I wish was different

Definitely breaks. Its a tough gig, with long hours. But, they have invited me back and have said the are going to included staff breaks in their new calendars, so hopefully this will improve.


Its not about the money. It does not pay so well, but the experience of working with multi-national staff, in another country, with kids that either only speak German or come from different parts of the world, like Egypt, China, France, or Russia, is very exciting.
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