California Resources Corporation

About California Resources Corporation

Did you know that majority of products that you use every day are made from petroleum? From your smartphone to your glasses to your ink pen. Oil and gas is an industry with a long history of growth and advancement in California.

California Resources Corporation (CRC) is the largest oil and natural gas producer in California!

Californians need ample, affordable and reliable energy to thrive – to power our homes, farms, businesses and schools, fuel our cars, and produce products that we need and use every day. California oil and natural gas producers deliver this energy and generate local jobs, government revenues and economic growth.

As the state’s largest oil and natural gas producer on a gross-operated basis, California Resources Corporation (CRC) takes pride in providing energy that is critical to our local economy and our state. In an effort to inspire energy literacy and provide facts and information about the industry, CRC's website,, highlights the importance of energy independence for the state, the safety of oil and gas production and how seriously we take it, the efforts made by the industry to conserve water and protect the environment, and the economic contributions of our industry.


Accounting Intern

September 2021 Bakersfield, CA
“I really enjoy the challenge of working with accounting systems, data, and spreadsheets.”

Engineering Tech Assistant

August 2019 Bakersfield, CA
“Great people to work with all are very friendly. I learned a lot of the oil industry ”
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