California Lottery

Lottery Merchant

July - August 2023 • Costa Mesa, CA

What I liked

Customers are energetic and it helped me keep up my morale throughout the day. My team took good care of me and the work schedule was flexible

What I wish was different

They exclusively offered a “spin the wheel” promotion at the fair. The lines would get so long and everyone would complain because there was one wheel available in use. Waiting for the wheel to stop spinning held up the line. People also tend to crowd the lottery stand when it gets dark and often times the customers are drunk and have a lot of attitude. I worked the afternoon shift, so I would prefer to opt for the morning shift if I could help it


It’s a fun job but is very laborious. I highly recommend working with a friend to make the time go by faster. The job also put a lot of stress on my shoulders and back, so I recommend taking good care of your body
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