Cafe Kubal

About Cafe Kubal

At our coffee company, we make great coffee with even deeper purpose and meaning. We believe in “coffee for the soul”.

Here is what our logo represents:
• The three beans are indicative of the roasting process: green for unroasted, blond for roasting, and dark brown for roasted.
• The three beans also represent the three groups of people involved: the farmer, the roaster (us), the coffee drinkers (you).
• Our tag, “coffee for the soul” is the culmination of these qualities. When our practices are in tune, the approach is deep, soulful, and real.

We needed to change to be better.
We needed to change to grow.
We needed to change to be bigger.

There are so many causes that we want to help, so many lives that we want to change, so much of the coffee growing globe that we want to see, that we have to move forward.



April 2016 - August 2019 Syracuse, NY
“I enjoyed working here. I have many great memories!”
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