C2Dx, Inc. (Critical Care Diagnostics)

About C2Dx, Inc. (Critical Care Diagnostics)

Critical Care Diagnostics or C2Dx is a medical device company focused on providing solutions for unplanned, life‐threatening medical needs in critical care. Critical care is the treatment of patients with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Critical illness and injury are known as the silent epidemic that affects 5.7 million Americans annually and at least that number internationally. Major areas of critical injury include brain and spinal cord, sepsis, cardiac, trauma, and combat casualty.


Sales and Marketing Intern

April 2019 Schoolcraft, MI
“I really enjoyed my experience at C2Dx. This was my first ever professional job experience and I couldn't have asked for a better company to have it with. With being a start up company I was able to work directly with everybody in the organization. From CFO, CEO, head of engineering, etc. Everyone had multiple years in the medical device industry and they were very helpful in using their experience to teach me how to be successful in the medical device industry. The small company really gave me an opportunity to see how multiple facets of a company operate. ”
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