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Telephone Answering Service Operator

May 2018 • Salem, OR

What I liked

The pay! Once you get acclimated to things so that you feel at ease, the pay is really very good and fair. Sundays were more fun than weekdays to me, so far as what you're doing -- more calling out and you feel more like you're actually "helping" people (which, you are!). Most of the doctors, nurses, vets, and other professionals you call out to, you kind of "get to know", just a little. The job is really pretty good once you become acclimated. It can become a little repetitive at times, and there are some slow times, but when it's super-busy it's pretty fun. When there was an error with my check they fixed it immediately!

What I wish was different

That other employees wouldn't screw you up -- some on purpose as some kind of "hazing" or something. Fair/equal treatment, and evaluation. Also, for a place where operators sit at a station for several hours, you would think they would invest in decent chairs -- about half of them are decent, though! (:


It's more complicated than you think, at first... there are a lot of things to learn, remember, get used to, and keep straight, in order to feel fully at-ease with what you're doing, like you actually know what you're doing, and if an issue comes up you can take care of it. (: Or, even so that if there is some new-to-you problem, you're experienced enough to quickly understand the job "lingo" when others help you by telling you how to remedy the problem. (like, "oh, yeah, okay" ) If you're not naturally outgoing that can take getting used to, too! But once you acclimate and feel at ease with doing everything, which just takes some time and practice, it's not bad at all. (:
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