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About Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp is growing quickly across the United States. With over 200 awarded locations in 24 states so far, the impact we are making is unlike any other. With the world’s best trainers, we make sure that our fitness concept uphold its value and integrity no matter what community we are in.

What is Burn Boot Camp?
Burn Boot Camp is a lifestyle fitness facility to inspire, empower, and transform the lives of busy women and their families. We provide a mindset and positive environment to for women to encourage and motivate one another to get better every day. Our clients experience a high energy 45 minute session that is progressively challenging and never the same. Our free childcare allows moms to focus on themselves so they can make their families better.

How is Burn Boot Camp different from other fitness concepts on the market now?
Burn is uniquely different from other gyms in more ways than one. Our all-women sessions are trained on our proprietary "floating floor" that is much like a gymnastics floor. With intensity and injury having correlation, the shock absorbing surface saves the joints of over 8,000 active clients.
As intensity is related to injury, it's more heavily correlated to results. Our average client hasn't worked out in the past 6 months prior to attending Burn.
The culture and community we represent gives them the confidence and atmosphere they need to change the way they view health and fitness.
Our free childcare is essential to the success of our clients. It's about time someone focused on moms and gave them a chance to get their body back, worry-free, while their children play in our 500-1000 square foot child care rooms.

We hand recruit amongst America's Best Trainers

They must pass our rigorous Strength and Conditioning Assessment, have a nationally accredited
CPT, and attend a 7 day training seminar followed by a 100 question exam that sets them apart from the norm. The foundation of our program is teaching clients tools to develop their mindset first before changing their body.
Our clients gain universal access to all Burn Boot Camp facilities, and all facilities follow our Weekly and Daily Protocols to ensure there is no over-training of muscle groups if a client happens to attend a different facility. We have done over 20,000 sessions at the HQ facility, no two have ever been the same, and we have a vault of about 1,700 routines.
While most gyms teach fitness and dieting, our 5 pillar philosophy, (mindset, nutrition, strength training, burst training and environment) is our formula to help women raise the standards for who they are and what they are capable of. Our trainers conduct one-on-one client "Focus Meetings" that address all 5 of our pillars every 3 weeks. This includes results tracking with a focus on body fat and lean muscle tissue, not the scale. As we are extremely results oriented, it allows us to build a deeper relationship with clients to maximize their potential.

Our trainers are personal trainers in a group setting.
They are required to train the same camp times throughout the week to remain consistently in charge of their clients progress. A facility cannot have more than 3 trainers on a full schedule. This ensures each client feels like they have a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. Most pridefully, our national philanthropy efforts with organizations like MDA, Wounded Warriors, and Susan G Komen set us apart as an organization for the community, not for the bottom line.


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June 2018 - July 2018 Louisville, KY
“I was allowed the opportunity to impact the lives of others. ”
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