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About Burlington Eye Associates

Eye Associates is a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice with four offices located north of Boston. We work in the towns of Arlington, Burlington, Woburn and Wilmington. The practice includes ophthalmology sub-specialists in the fields of Pediatrics, Retina, Cornea and Oculoplastics. As a result we see a wide range of ocular pathologies. The position of scribe within the practice allows the student to work directly with patients and doctors in a pleasant but fast paced environment. Scribes will learn to work with a state of the art electronic medical records system, helping the doctor input histories, findings and treatment plans. In addition the scribe will learn how to perform a number of advanced technologies including optical coherence technology, fundus photography and pachymetry. They will often assist in procedures including laser surgeries and intravitreal injections. The ideal candidate has a science background and strong interest in pursuing a career in a health related field. We are looking for a commitment of one year. Scribes are an integral part of our team, good attendance and punctuality is important. As the scribe will be dealing with patients throughout the day, courtesy, compassion and a high degree of professionalism are expected.
Over the last ten years we have had the pleasure of working with students from Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis, Harvard, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Simmons College and Syracuse University. They have gone on to medical school, nursing, pharmacy school, physical therapy and physicians assistants programs. We currently have five students working as scribes and they are available to discuss their experience.


Ophthalmic Scribe

March 2018 - August 2019 Burlington, MA
“I liked interactions with patients and being able to be hands on. I learned so much about the eyes & was able to learn how to use certain machines.”
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