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Bunge is a company built on possibilities. We are a community of people addressing some of the most important challenges facing the world today – and yet, we see these challenges as opportunities to make a difference. At Bunge, our purpose is to connect farmers to consumers to deliver essential food, feed and fuel to the world. With more than two centuries of experience, unmatched global scale and deeply rooted relationships, we work to strengthen global food security, increase sustainability where we operate, and help communities prosper. As the world's leader in oilseed processing and a leading producer and supplier of specialty plant-based oils and fats, we value our partnerships with farmers to improve the productivity and environmental efficiency of agriculture across our value chains and to bring quality products from where they're grown to where they're consumed. At the same time, we collaborate with our customers to create and reimagine the future of food, developing tailored and innovative solutions to meet evolving dietary needs and trends in every part of the world.

Our Company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and we have more than 23,000 dedicated employees working across approximately 300 facilities located in more than 40 countries. To achieve success, we need to work with people who see, create and live endless possibilities – people who see change as an opportunity to evolve, who enjoy taking ownership of work and making it their own, who embrace purpose and who do meaningful work. If you want to live the possibilities, Bunge is going to be a great fit for you.


Factory worker

June 2018 - August 2018 Modesto, CA
β€œThe people, the company values ”
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What do I need to know about the interview process for a process engineering internship at Bunge North America?

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