Buffalo Prep

About Buffalo Prep

Our mission is to prepare promising economically disadvantaged underrepresented students for success in college preparatory high schools and higher education. We’re not a school, but rather, a dedicated organization that works with private, public, and charter high schools to help disadvantaged youth take advantage of a first-rate college-preparatory education. Since our founding in 1989, Buffalo Prep has been helping to close the achievement gap for Western New York kids who are bright, talented, but economically disadvantaged. We nurture the dreamer, the leader, the activist, and the scholar in every student, while strengthening the diversity of our partner schools.


Teacher's Assistant

July 2017 - August 2018 Buffalo, NY
“I went through the Buffalo Prep program, strting in 5th grade all the way through high school. They continue to be a resource for me and I think it is important to give back. The kids are absolutely amazing that we work with and we form such strong bonds. It is really great to watch them grow their wealth of knowledge throughout the summer to help the in the upcoming school year. We create a lot of memories at Prep and they are so incredibly invaluable.”
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