BSU & NTC On-Campus Student Employment

About BSU & NTC On-Campus Student Employment

BSU and NTC strive to offer students a variety of employment opportunities that develop relevant skills, provide a reliable source of income, and have flexibility to accommodate the student’s course and extra-curricular schedules.
To be eligible to work on campus, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits during the academic year. If you drop below 6 credits, your employment will be terminated. Non-matriculated students, such as PSEO students, are not eligible to work on campus. To work over the semester break or the summer, you must verify that you are enrolled for the following semester.
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Computer Help Desk Representative

July 2020 Boise, ID
“I like the job. I will say though I only got it because I send them a direct email.”

Research Assistant

August 2018 Bemidji, MN
“I enjoyed the research I conducted and the techniques I learned over the summer. My coworkers were great as well.”
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