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About Browne & Miller Literary Associates

Browne & Miller Literary Associates is Chicago's leading literary agency and specializes in full-service representation of a select clientele. Our taste is very eclectic and we value exceptional writing and storytelling above all else. We have represented thousands of books over the past 50+ years—fiction and non-fiction—and our clients include several New York Times bestselling authors and numerous prize- and award-winning writers. Founded as “Multimedia Product Development, Inc.” in 1971 by the late Jane Jordan Browne, the agency became known as Browne & Miller Literary Associates after Danielle Egan-Miller joined Jane as her partner. Danielle became owner and president of the agency in 2003. As a literary agency, we represent book authors and their interests and we act as both deal makers and career managers. We help our clients develop their fiction and non-fiction writing into salable work, which we then submit to editors at a wide variety of publishing houses. Once a publisher agrees to purchase an author’s work, we negotiate the contract on the author’s behalf and attempt to reserve certain subsidiary rights in the work—such as audiobook, e-book, foreign translation, and film/television rights—which we can then exploit on the author’s behalf. We have a robust business related to selling these rights to audiobook, e-book, and foreign publishers and to film/television production companies, studios, and networks. When the need arises, we chase any monies our authors are due, and generally help them with the problems they encounter in both the creative and business aspects of their writing careers.


Literary Agency Intern

June 2020 - August 2021 Hinsdale, IL
“Everyone at Browne & Miller was so friendly and helpful. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them through the pandemic, and my reading/writing comprehension skills have exponentially improved as a result of their careful mentorship.”


June 2019 - August 2019 Hinsdale, IL
“The internship was very hands-on and informative, and I had amazing co-workers”
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